Diamond Cuts

Tube effect The cut of the diamond, how well it has been polished and its proportions and symmetry, is singularly the most important factor in determining its life and brilliance and the only factor influenced by man. Colour, clarity and carat are all created naturally.

To obtain ideal light reflection and dispersion the diamond must be crafted to precise angles and proportions. An ideal cut diamond will internally reflect light from one mirror-like facet to another and disperse it through the top of the stone. The stone will appear radiant and bright. A shallow cut diamond will let too much light pass straight through it while a diamond cut too deep will allow light to escape from the sides. In both cases the diamond will be left with little light to reflect, making it appear dull.

  1. Light is dispersed and refracted into the diamond at the Crown Break, creating the 'Tube Effect'.
  2. The deeper pavilion holds the light in the diamond longer.
  3. the refracted light falls onto the additional 24 facets and the unique star pattern explodes to the table.

Cut to precise parameters and polished in award winning state of the art facilities, your Mastercut diamond will always appear radiant and bright due to it being a perfectly cut diamond.