Certification Portfolio

In a pioneering development, we are delighted to be able to provide each piece with its own Certification Portfolio. This allows you to track your individual diamond from the rough stone, through to the final piece of jewellery, using its unique Kimberley Certificate Number.

It also provides you with the assurance that your rough stone is of the highest quality which has been produced in the world's leading diamond cutting facilities. We guarantee all of our stones are conflict free, have not been treated, do not contain stimulants, are not synthetic and have been produced to the highest ethical and socially sustainable standards.

Mastercut Wallet

Mastercut Wallet

Mastercut Certificate of Authenticity

This details the full particulars of the diamond, including the Kimberley certificate number, and the key stone information including diamond weight and the date it was polished.

IGI Certificate

The report is issued by IGI, a leading independent gemological laboratory. The report details the weight, colour and clarity of the stone and is your further assurance of the cutting excellence.